The local church is God’s plan A to reach people who don’t know Jesus and we want to be a part of what God is doing all around the world through supporting new churches.

  • In 2017, Eglise Saint-Lazare opened its doors in Paris. Since launch, the church continues to grow, add people into groups, and welcome guests. The number of individuals plugged into groups has nearly doubled within this year.  
  • In one of the most atheistic parts of the world, ICF Leipzig—a multisite church—continues to reach people for Christ in former East Germany. Over 600 people attend weekly services at ICF Leipzig—this is nearly unheard of in European churches.
  • In Harlem, a church we support—The Gathering—continues to increase in attendance. During Easter weekend, 600 people attended services, a new record.
  • Mission City Church in Santa Barbara, led by former Traders Point Church Executive Pastor Jake Barker, continues to spread the hope of Jesus Christ to their community. Attendance numbers and baptisms are on the rise. 

The vision God has given us is to go into large urban areas where cultured is influenced, but we find a lot of people who don’t know God.

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